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Welcome to the future of GTO learning

The era of pre-computed and overparametrized solutions is over.

Learn simple and effective GTO strategies with our fully customizable and lightning-fast next-generation poker engine.

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Next-generation AI poker engine

Stop wasting time and money in specialized hardware. By combining the latest advances in artificial intelligence and game-theory into our next-generation engine, Ruse solves any solution instantaneously, letting you focus on what’s important: your game.

Have full control over your study and get robust and actionable strategies with our innovative real-time custom poker engine.

practice makes perfect

GTO Trainer

Learn by playing against the best poker AI in the world in any solution from preflop to postflop.

With our GTO trainer, you can define your own custom bet sizes, stacks, ranges, board, and pot. Get immediate feedback about your actions and detailed statistics to understand where your leaks are.

stand out

Dynamic sizings

Never lose your time again guessing which sizings to use.

Ruse recommends you the optimal bet and raise sizes to use, guaranteeing you the most EV with respect to the specific situation you are in.

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